a little about me Small, ordinary being, trying to discover who she really is, in this vast world full of chaos, discrimination, yet too, a world filled with unfound treasures within.

My God. My King. OUR Savior.

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I have always wanted to waste my time on books rather than on the internet doing nothing. But somehow I just can not detach myself from it. And so now I vow to try my hardest to spend my spare time reading if I still don’t feel like studying rather than scrolling my Facebook’s home page, it is such a waste of time. I just badly need to control myself because it is making my day unproductive. So many things to do yet so many distractions too. And I just find reading a book a more satisfactory thing to do than stalking anybody’s profile.

I hope.. I hope I will eventually learn to manage my time. And to discipline myself too.

LONG TIME NO POST :) My other blog by the way :D 

Please do check my other blog. Thankiessssss <3 

alittlegirlwrappedwithdreams Please do check my new personal blog. I am not really going to deactivate this one since this was and is my 1st personal blog but I just made up my mind of making a new one. So yeah! I still will visit this sometimes. Please do check it out. Thank you! :) 

.. And eventually people will GET TIRED and GIVE UP ON ME.

Yes, unfortunately, I am that hard. :)

June 07 ‘13 
8:49 PM

And somehow I thought I was over you
I was only just used without you in the view
It wasn’t as if I’m living in a black and white without you
But somehow your presence vibrates a positive hue

Waaaaaaaah. Hanging, isn’t it? I. Just. Can’t. Add. Anything. Anymore. Ahhh whatever. Sorry for a trash in your dash! ^___^

June 7, 2013 
8:51 AM

I should be at school now. At CASS maybe listening to our Prof. in Eng3 or maybe waiting for him/her in vain. But then I am still on my bed just typing this nonsense. I don’t know but I just feel really scared this semester because of a certain subject. I don’t want to think I can’t but I could not just help it. I have been thinking about that subject since May and everytime I think about that, my heart just beats so fast. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t want to think about negative thoughts now. But then I am still torn between going to school or not. Chem 32 is waiting for me at 10:30. I am still waiting for the Lord’s sign, though. I am patiently waiting because Lord, I trust in You. I offered to You my life. Ikaw na bahala.

I want to deactivate fairytalesaresweetfantasies and make a new one. Gaaaaaaaaah.

Best friends.


Don’t just automatically label yourself to be someone’s best friend because you two talk everyday. A best friend is someone that can put up with all the pointless dramatic arguments you have, can still have a strong bond with you even though you two haven’t been talking everyday. A best friend that won’t walk out on you when you have a emotional melt down. They’re like your other half.

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To Bea dearest! 

Happy 18th birthday!

I’m sorryy I wasn’t able to attend your birthday, and I know you understand why. Hihi. I can’t really say much here. I just want to thank you for being my friend, my tumblr friend! Although we don’t really talk that much in person (both you and Jiereen) Haha. I wish you the best! May the Lord grant the desires of your heart! I pray that you will have a meaningful life! 

See you around…ate Beyy!! 




I can’t forgive myself for greeting you on the 25th. ugh. I’m such a bad friend. HAHA!


Just so you know, I’m still abstaining from softdrinks for seven months now! (…and my parents are making gaya2 about abstaining too) haha. Thanks to you!

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chielaangeles-deactivated201406 asked: Hi! TAG,you're it. The rules are to state ten random facts about your self. Then send this to the ten nicest people on tumblr.

Hello ate chiela! Thank you for this. Sorry for the very late reply :)

1. I’m a biology student but I hate frogs. And yes, lizards! And cats and dogs!
2. I’m not a man hater but I just really feel awkward with boys.
3. I’m really close to my teachers especially with my other mama, Mami A.
4. I’m turning 18 but my height is really cute.
5. I hate politics and everything about it because I can’t relate to it. Its just not my area of interest, I guess.
6. I love sneakers more than doll shoes and heels.
7. Sorry to say this but I find tinola boring :(
8. I love the legend, The Mariah Carey!
9. I dance ballroom and folk dances.
10. I offer my life to Him.


Anonymous asked: oh i see! so if you don't mind, when's your debut party?

It’s on the 19th :) by the way, may I know who you are? Please? :)

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